What Our Customers Say about MCD Managing Cultural Differences

Workshops for managers

Karin Ersson Ekstam, DeLaval AB

"We were pleased with the professional approach of the MCD Managing Cultural Differences trainers, the participants felt that the techniques and concepts they acquired were practical and could be applied directly in their working lives. We have asked the MCD team to run more workshops for us.


We were asked to express our objectives up front:

  1. Improve awareness
  2. Gain a better understanding of the invisible codes
  3. Begin to realize that our own culture is not necessarily the "best"

The MCD Managing Cultural Differences team recommended a series of workshops.

We started with one workshop for local HQ managers and another one for young professional managers from seven different countries/cultures."


Karin Ersson Ekstam is HR Development Manager.

Training for progressing managers

Peggy Birgen, Veolia Transport Europe


"We wanted to add a cross cultural module to our leadership training program for progressing managers across Europe who were getting ready for potential expatriation. We want our managers to increase their cultural awareness  so as to be able to participate better  in our international network.

We were asked to state our objectives for the particpating managers. After discussions with the MCD-team we settled for the following objectives:

  1. Increase awareness
  2. Learning and practicing a few techniques
  3. Begin to see diversity as an opportunity to grow

The MCD-team recommended workshops, which they then ran, one in Dublin, one in London. The Managers, from all over Europe gave very positive feedback. We have asked the MCD-team to run more workshops for us."


Peggy Birgen is HR Generalist.

Coaching for expatriates with spouses

Johnny Eriksson, Redcats Nordic


"MCD tailor-made the training for us. Every foreign manager settling in Sweden goes through training together with the spouse. The result shows that the foreign manager settles and works more efficiently early on. The managers have appreciated the training a lot, there has been good interaction and increased awareness of how to deal with the cultural differences."


Why expatriate training?

Redcats Nordic is subsidiary of the international Redcats Group (Ellos, La Redoute, Jotex and Enjoy) that is part of PPR group who is listed on the French stock exchange. As internationalisation and mobility is key for the group, several foreign managers have been expatriated from different offices in Europe to Redcats Nordic´s office in Borås, Sweden.


The management team of Redcats Nordic decided that it is critical for the success of the expatriate and his/her family to invest in coaching/training. By this the manager learns how to manage cultural differences when working in Sweden.

How is the training organised?
Approximately six months after the arrival to Sweden new foreign managers and his/her spouse go through a tailor made coaching/training programme with Margareta Neld    . The programme consists of two half days at two occasions with two months between. Before the programme starts the couple writes down their expectations and describes situations where they need advice. Between the sessions they get assignments to work on. After the programme an evaluation is made.

The evaluations have been very positive. Here are samples of comments from participants:

  • Good with 2 sessions and a time between to reflect on situations when cultures meet.
  • The toolbox was valuable to learn about.
  • Important to think of increasing awareness all the time.
  • Good interaction and tailor made for specific needs.

Johnny Eriksson is HR Manager.