Pre Assignment Steps


Our first  contact will have been through a conference, a breakfast meeting, a referral from a happy Customer, an invitation followed up by a phone contact or you have found us on the Internet.


We may then start a dialog. We present our way of thinking, our way of working, you present your company. You may feel that you wish to continue this dialog and you may ask us to make a proposal on how we can improve your ability to help your colleagues and employees to work more effectively in an intercultural context.

Customer brief including objectives

We will ask you for a brief, including your key objectives. You may ask us to help you write the brief, to help you ask the right questions, you need to ask yourselves, to clarify your thinking and choose the best route.

Proposal with budget

A typical proposal will include the following elements:

  • Context, based on our dialog and your brief
  • Your objectives
  • Our recommendation
  • Budget estimate

Preparation of assignment

Depending on the nature of the assignment, our recommendation and your agreement we prepare an assignment in different ways:

  • Interviews of Senior Managers in your Company
  • Interviews of Managers who will participate in an individual or group activity
  • Questionnaire to be filled in by Company participants before the activity takes place
  • Kick-off meetings or Information meetings addressed to a larger group of employees
  • Regular contacts, when necessary, with the Manager who is our contact person

> Interactive approach

MCD co-founders Thomas Krän and Margareta Neld.