How We Work

The challenge to achieve behavioral change is based on identifying, understanding and working with values and needs. Think of this challenge as strategic Change Management. As when dealing with any major change there is no quick fix.

MCD questionnaire - the basis to set up a strategic plan for managing cultural differences

A company that uses a strategic plan for cross cultural management will make gains in efficiency and creativity. To assist you in creating a strategic plan MCD first identifies the company's cultural awareness through asking nine questions:

  1. Have you started talking about intercultural problems and opportunities?
  2. Do you have intercultural problems today?
  3. Where in the process of dealing with cultural differences is your company?

Please contact us to take part of the full questionnaire.


From the answers in the questionnaire MCD and the customer together create a strategic plan that will increase cultural awareness in the company to enhance efficiency and profitability. In this work we follow the process in the > MCD Development Circle.