More about TMA Country Navigator

  • Is a fantastic source of country specific information for more than 50 countries
  • Is a tool, which helps me to create my individual cultural profile
  • My own cultural profile can be compared to my home country’s profile and of course also to other countries’ profiles and even other colleagues’ personal profiles
  • When comparing my profile with other profiles I will find gaps, which indicate the areas or dimensions where I need to prepare and make an extra effort before meeting the other culture(s)

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Who can benefit?

Any manager or employee who needs to interact efficiently and effectively with colleagues, customers, partners or suppliers from another business culture.

How does it help the user?

The TMA Country Navigator© provides users with:

  • Insight into their own unique working styles (through the WorldPrism cultural profile assessment)
  • A better understanding of how to work with others through profile comparison with colleagues, teams and country profiles
  • Smoother, more successful cross-border relationships
  • Clearer communication and mutual understanding
  • Enhanced skills in cross-cultural teamwork, leadership, decision-making, negotiation, motivation, giving feedback, managing conflict
  • In-depth understanding of over 50 country business cultures
  • More informed approach to business etiquette, time management, business entertaining, giving presentations

How long does it take to complete?

Users can go in and out of the Country Navigator© at will and spend as much time as they want. The TMA WorldPrism Profiler© questionnaire element takes about 15 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. A version in Mandarin will be released in the near future and a version in Swedish is being developed.

How does it work?

Availability: Country Navigator© is available on any computer or mobile device with Internet access. 




Personal Cultural Profiling: The Country Navigator’s WorldPrism Profiler© enables the user to perform a detailed analysis of his or her own cultural styles and to identify strengths and potential challenges in relation to their chosen country. The analysis provides links to relevant country information and learning resources so users not only identify differences but receive practical instruction on applying business skills.  


Country Information: In-depth information in over 60 searchable subsections including culture and lifestyle, business skills, management styles, economic and political conditions, security and travel for all the world's major economies. Content is wide ranging and includes up to date information and guidance on managing and sustaining virtual and face-to-face relationships across cultures.  


Flight Pack: A ‘smart-access’ feature that enables users to quickly compile a downloadable collection of resources and information tailored to their areas of interest. Flight packs can be printed, sent to a PDA or stored within the system for later retrieval.  


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