Lexicon and Handbook in Personnel English

The book is a tool for those who work in the human resources area. It is written for managers with personnel responsibility or specialists with Sweden as a base.


The lexicon contains the most useful terms and expressions in both American and British English and gives you advice and ideas on how to use English in different personnel situations.



Margareta Neld and Adam Eisen

Inspirational Lectures on Inter Cultural Management

Margareta Neld inspires from the book Lexicon and Handbook on Personnel English on inter cultural management and how to use diversity as a source of creativity when many cultures are represented in your company or organisation.

The lecture deals with the following subjects:

  • Culture, a definition, why are there cultural differences
  • Increase awareness about cultural differences
  • How to avoid stereotyping
  • How to increase co-operation in an intercultural team
  • How to work with change in intercultural situations
  • How to use English in an optimal way in personnel situations

The lecture can also be tailor-made according to specific needs of a group. Ask for a proposal through the contact form.

Other lectures

  • Managing Cultural Differences
  • To deal with cultural differences in your company
  • How do we start when we wish to manage cultural differences in an organisation?
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • How to Manage Virtual Teams
  • How to Improve Teamwork in Cross-cultural Teams

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