Our Way of Coaching

Before the actual cross cultural coaching starts interviews or other tools are used, e.g. the 360-degree feedback tool, Axiology Manager Profile Report, a personality inventory to develop a comprehensive picture of the manager's strengths and challenges.


From those results concrete coaching objectives are set and an action plan is developed. After that the coaching sessions are carried out focusing on what the manager is doing at work and how to achieve positive change. The coach also serves as a sounding board, asking questions that help managers reflect on their experience.

The coaching programme is usually 10 hours split into 5 occasions. After the coaching there is an evaluation of the impact of the coaching.


A coach helps the manager avoid one-size-fits-all development programs and get just what the manager needs to leverage strengths, increase versatility and enhance both the personal and professional lives of the manager.


Margareta Neld is a certified consultant of Axiology

Method & Process

  1. Current analysis of the manager’s situation and role  
  2. Definition of objectives of the coaching program
  3. Action plan for development 
  4. Carry out the individual tailor-made coaching program
  5. Evaluation and follow up of the coaching program

Results you will reach

One important result of the coaching program is that managers and companies become clearer when setting goals and make them happen. Coaching also makes you take time for reflection and strategic thinking. You improve making plans, find new solutions and opportunities.


Often you have the answers yourself, but you need a coach to find them and formulate them for yourself. Many managers experience increased motivation and joy at work. The prerequisite to reach the coaching objectives is that you as managers are motivated and want to develop.


The tangible business advantages from the coaching program are that work, processes and resources become more efficient, which in the long term give savings and quality improvements.

Video Presentation of Margareta Neld

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