Cross Cultural Coaching in Different Stages of Globalization

Cross cultural coaching on a Personal level is offered in the following situations. The coaching program may include both the manager and his/her spouse and family:

Expatriation. Preparing for international assignment

The coaching program starts before the manager leaves for the assignment abroad and may continue and be followed up when the manager is abroad. We bring up questions like: What are the expectations of the assignment as a manager on a professional level/personal level? What about the rest of the family?

On an international assignment

The optimal start of the coaching program is 6 months after the move to the new country. By that time most the practial issues have been solved and the manager can focus on managing his her company and team. What kind of cultural differences can you identify? What is working well? What could be improved?

Repatriation. Returning from an international assignment

The challenge is to return home from an international assignment. How is the repatriation prepared by the organisation? What is the next career step for you as a manager? How can you bring back your new experiences in an efficient way?