Axiology - a Coaching Tool

Axiology is the science that studies how people think. People are different. They do not look alike. They do not all sound the same. And they all think differently.  Specifically, Axiologists study how people determine the value of different things. This is how individuals compare things and how those value assignments either represent or distort reality.

Manager Profile Report and Development Program

This 60+ page report is specifically designed to equip and train managers on how they think, make decisions, and what they need to be most effective at work. It is an excellent way to start a coaching program. This product includes a patented, six month, email-based, personalized, management-development program.

Enhances self-understanding

Because each report provides participants with a detailed description of their own thinking orientations, participants become more aware of their own biases, strengths, and limitations. A more accurate self-understanding is the key to being able to use one's own strengths and enlist help in areas of weakness.

Significant practical advantages

Unlike classroom training that is expensive and takes managers out of their job roles for extended periods of time, this training and development program requires only 15-minutes per lesson and is done via email, in the work setting.

Increases management effectiveness

It stimulates and directs communications about relevant matters between the manager and his/her boss and direct reports. It also outlines the key behaviors that are critical for the manager’s success.

Personalized development suggestions

Unlike training programs that give the same information to every person in the class, the Manager Profile Report and Development Program personalizes the content and the training recommendations based on the unique strengths and limitations of each manager.


Margareta Neld is a certified consultant of Axiology.

Profile4professionals certifies axiologists in Sweden.


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