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MCD co-founders Thomas Krän (France) and Margareta Neld       (Sweden) are experienced international managers.


> Founders' story

TMA Country Navigator© is a cross cultural web-based cultural profiling tool developed and provided by TMA World©.

Managing Cultural Differences is a Key to Global Business Success

Seeing diversity as a source of creativity and an opportunity to grow, MCD Managing Cultural Differences will help you benefit from the cultural differences in your company by means of training, coaching, consulting and lecturing.

Whether you are running an international business, preparing to expand globally or working abroad - the key to successful international business starts with awareness of cultural differences and their importance. Lack of awareness in this area will often lead to waste of time, energy and resources through unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts.

Make a Cross Cultural Strategic Plan

A company that uses a strategic plan for cross cultural management will make gains in efficiency and creativity. The challenge to achieve behavioral change is based on identifying, understanding and working with values and needs. Think of this challenge as strategic Change Management. As when dealing with any major change there is no quick fix.


> How we work

MCD Development Circle

It takes time to increase the awareness of cultural differences. The MCD Development Circle is a step by step methodology that we use in our training and coaching.


> MCD Development Circle

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